Company Profile
Mansukh N. Patel
(Chairman cum Managing Director)
It is the aptitude to work in sync,
towards a common vision.

It is the ability to direct individual accomplishment,
towards organizational objectives.

It is the fuel that allows common people,
to achieve uncommon results.


"Success breeds success. It's like a continuous process; like the creeper on the wall, it keeps growing and multiplying.

Till one day, it overcomes the wall and completely surpasses it and then, there's no wall, just the creepers.

This is the power of focused growth."

Teamwork is a system where every individual have his/her own responsibility that is directed towards a goal predefined by the management. Teamwork is an invisible key ingredient toa company's success. Here at Somex, Teamwork starts at the Research & Development unit and ends with a united efforts performed at our retail outlets.

At practical level, all the departments are guided by the concerned authorities and are motivated to give the best; supported technically to enhance the results and above all, a perfect synchronization is maintained to streamline the process so that the Production becomes the Creation, Management becomes Co-ordination and Efforts becomes Success.
Achievement is a fruit that ...
Grows on a tree of Perseverance

The Ceramic Empire Somex is a group of four independent companies today, but the roots of this grand success were implanted before 2 decades keeping in mind that this tree of achievement will produce phenominal fruits of success.

The promoters of this ceramic giant Somex group are dedicated to the ceramic industry and a professional experience of more than 25 years has uplifted Somex group in reaching new heights in the skies of achievement.

These years have provided us an experience and an insight to this ever-growing ceramic industry and have educated us on how to stay ahead and relalize our dreams.

Growth is not our Habit,
It is our Nature

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